Cypher™ Mortgage Business Opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some other common questions:

You are involved in the loan process and can make sure your clients are taken care of properly. Through Wymac Capital, Inc. you and your clients have access to:
•A variety of lenders and loan products
•Competitive rates
•The RateAnalyzer™ system that allows us to track your clients rate and alert them when they can be refinanced (usually at no cost to them)

Our pricing remains the same whether the borrower comes through you or directly to Wymac Capital, Inc. We can justify your compensation because you are doing part of the work and you should be paid for it. The Lender Paid Broker Compensation that we receive from our lenders cannot change based on how we source a given client. That has been illegal for any mortgage broker in the country since 2011.
Upon funding of the loan and Wymac Capital, Inc. being paid by our lender/investor, we will send you a check.
We pay the individual that is licensed with Wymac Capital Inc. as a Mortgage Loan Originator who has actually done the work.

For more information contact us at 925-937-4300 ext 233


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