For CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Financial Planners in California and Utah

Expand your practice by providing
Home Mortgages to your clients.

Here's Our Big Idea!

Trusted Advisor Financial Professionals (like CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, etc) are continuously looking for ways to expand their practice.
Sometimes accounting pros expand into insurance and investments, and investment pros expand into insurance and tax services. Insurance pros expand into the other areas.

One of the easiest ways to expand that is most often overlooked is to provide home mortgages to your clients. Most people think this is difficult. We have patented systems and business methods that make this very easy.
We call this system Cypher™ and this is a great way for you to earn extra money and more firmly cement your relationship with your clients.

There is a lot of bad advice in the mortgage industry. If one of your clients with a typical $500,000 home loan applies at a big box online lender they are likely to pay 3 points + closing costs to get a lower rate. That's almost $20,000. Is that in their best interests?
For most people it is not. In hindsight it is almost NEVER in a client's best interests but sweatshop lenders use confusing charts to make it look like a good deal. Here are some benefits of working with us:

Trusted Advisor

The client receives the assurance of working with their trusted financial advisor to get their home loan and receives competitive rates.

Long Term Rate Tracking

The client knows that their trusted financial advisor will reach out to them automatically in the future any time they can save money with a low cost refinance.

Exceptional Service

The trusted financial advisor knows that their client is being treated honestly and fairly.

Better Quality Clients

The lender gets the best quality loans in the industry. Your clients are far more likely to pay on time compared to the public at large.

The Patented Cypher™ system is unique within the mortgage broker community.
Give us 20 minutes on a Zoom call to explain the benefits of the system.
If it's a fit then you can work on the required education and get the licenses you need.
Each home loan you originate will take you about an hour and most will close in less than 30 days. Think about it this way: Your client will never try to replace your professional services with a web site, if every time rates drop you refinance their home loan and pay all of their closing costs!

More Cypher™ Features

The Cypher system and business method has continuously evolved and improved
for more than twenty years. Take a look at some of the features.

Agent Support

Our in house agents average more than 20 years in the mortgage industry and you will work with one of those teams.

Rate Tracking

Rates literally change every day. Your clients can request rate tracking directly on our portal, plus we track them internally with our patented RateAnalyzer system.

Active Marketing

We work with you to help you let your clients know that you are able to meet all of their mortgage needs through marketing materials and social media.

Help with Licensing

We help guide you through the process of getting the appropriate licensing for your state.

Annual Renewal Seminars

Each year in October after tax season is done we will have in person renewal seminars for your NMLS endorsement.

Discounts for Online Renewals

Can't make it to our in person renewal seminars? We can arrange discounts for online continuing education.

Back Office Support

Our in house teams are designed to make sure you get all the support you and your clients need every time.

Flash of Genius

The way we do business is so unique that our proprietary systems and business methods have been awarded six US Patents.

Celebrating 30 Years!

Wymac Capital has stood the test of time and is celebrating our 30 year anniversary. We are proud to have been serving the public from 1990-2020!

For more information contact us at 925-937-4300 or
Cypher™ may be covered under one or more of the following U.S. patents:7315841, 7340435, 7386504, 7620598, 7761372 and 8527402