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Are you a financial professional with an established client base?  Why not offer our financial products to your clients?


Do you automatically know when it is the best time to refinance your home loan?  Let us track it for you and we will let you know.

wymac capital, inc.

We have closed loans with more than 100 lending sources.  You can navigate through our user-friendly site, e-mail us for assistance at cnm@wymac.com, or call us at 925-937-4300 for a live person.



innovative financing

  • home loans - for a wide range of credit, income and collateral types
  • commercial mortgages - for a variety of properties
  • business loans - SBA loans for your business if you qualify
  • strategic alliances - for all types of financial professionals
  • technology - for both consumers and our strategic partners

Please see inside the site for more information on these items.